Find your Marble Score

The amount of marbling in Wagyu is an indicator of flavour richness, and is measured in a Marble Score ranging from 2 to 9. Everyone’s tastes are different, so use the guide below to find the Marble Score that suits you best.

Marble Score 2

Compared to regular grass-fed beef, Marble Score 2 is positively extravagant.

Guaranteed tender and juicy, with a gentle but distinctive Wagyu flavour. Ideal for those of us that want to maintain our youthful figure without having to choose the fish.

Marble Score 3–4

It’s Saturday night, the BBQ is out, the boys/family/mother-in-law is coming over. Everyone is smirking because we all know the pressure is on the guy or gal cooking the steak.

You are as cool as a cucumber. Marble Score 3–4 is your go-to because it never lets you down. Crispy salty crust, tender juicy middle, purring with Wagyu flavour. The crowd goes silent, then you become the rock star you always knew you were.

Marble Score 5-6

With Marble Score 5-6 it’s personal.

This is the steak you eat by candle light, with the music on, by yourself. No distractions, no hurry, just you and the steak. For most people at First Light this is the one. That’s enough said about 5-6.

Marble Score 7-9

Marble Score 7-9 grass–fed wagyu steaks are very, very special. Less than ten percent of the First Light Wagyu herd grades 7+ which means less than 0.000000001% of all the beef in the world is Grass-fed MBS 7-9.

You can only get it from a small number of farms, in a small country, where it rains a lot, at the edge of the world (beside Antarctica). Marble Score 7-9 is the steak you pull out for your mum’s Presidential inauguration.