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Steak Club FAQs

  • What are the Steak Club membership rules?

    As with any club, we have a set of rules and expectations for our members. We ask that you respect them. Not doing so may have consequences including the revocation of membership.

    1. The First Light Steak Club (FLSC) recipes and cooking techniques are for club member’s private use only. Do not share them with non-members.
    2. FLSC is for home use only. No commercial uses are allowed.
    3. FLSC products may not be re-sold.
    4. FLSC members may at times have access to additional items at near wholesale prices to be added to their delivery. Pricing of these items is confidential and may not be shared with non-members.
    5. To create the best experience, we ask members to contribute to the community, including posting your awesome steak experiences on the First Light app.
    6. To ensure the best experience for our members, we do now allow promotion of products and services within our community.
    7. All club information and information about other members is strictly confidential.
    8. Members will be courteous to each other in all online interactions and respect other members’ privacy.

  • How does Steak Club work?

    1. Sign up to our waiting list. We are an exclusive farmer-direct steak club with limited supply. There is no obligation to join when you receive the invitation.
    2. Receive your invitation. Once you sign up, you’ll gain access to our private members-only Steak Club app to manage your account. You will have the option to choose between two different memberships: Classic or Steakhouse.
    3. First shipment delivers! Each month, you’ll receive a different cut of meat. The quantity each month will depend on the cut.
    4. Cook your steaks to perfection. Create the perfect steak every time with the exclusive recipes and tips from our First Light Steak Club test kitchen as well as support from our private community.
    5. Build a community. Help us build a community of enthusiasts around the world’s best beef to celebrate its flavor, healthfulness, and positive environmental impact.

  • What's in each shipment?

    The World’s best beef, plain and simple. We created the Steak Club to ensure our biggest fans get our best cuts. In fact, the Steak Club is the only place you will reliably get our Marble Score 5-9 meats (aside from select restaurants).

    Each month you’ll get a different cut of our best beef including Tenderloin, Ribeye and New York Strip twice a year. The other shipments include test kitchen favorites such as Picanha, Short Ribs, and Flat Iron. The Club emphasizes quality over quantity, but depending on the cut and Marble Score, the average weight is 4- 5 lbs for the “Classic” membership, about 4 – 4.8 lbs for the “Steak House” membership.

  • How much meat will I get in each shipment? And what cuts do I get?

    We presently have two subscription packages. The Classic Plan averages 4- 5 lbs of meat per month, and the Steakhouse Plan averages 4.5lbs per month. Some boxes are smaller and some are larger by design (for example, a Classic Ribeye box is 4lbs and a Classic Picanha box is 6.5lbs), but the average box weight over the course of the year will be the averages listed above.

    The Classic offers a mix of products with Tenderloin, Ribeye and NY Strip making up half or more of the shipments along with test kitchen favorites like Picanha, Flat Iron and Short Ribs. The Steakhouse plan is just the Tenderloin, Ribeye and NY Strip.

  • What other benefits are there in joining the Steak Club?

    Other than receiving what Forbes called the “best beef in the world,” all plans include:

    1. Exclusive access to the highest marble score meats we produce at First Light delivered to their door monthly. Members also have access to a members only store to purchase additional cuts.
    2. Full access to the members-only Steak Club app which houses a library of recipes, techniques, insights and knowledge.
    3. Option to purchase a curated equipment pack for $150 (value $220) to ensure you can execute our recipes perfectly.

  • Can I become a Steak Club member if I live outside of the US?

    Unfortunately, the Steak Club is currently only available in the US although we are looking to set up Club’s in other countries. If you’re interested and you live outside of the US, get in touch with us at [email protected] and let us know, because who knows…your country might be next on the list!

  • What equipment do I need to achieve steak perfections?

    As a member you have an option to purchase our curated Equipment Pack ($150 member price, $220 value) that contains all the expert tools to follow our member-only instructional videos. If you already have the equipment, you’re all set. The pack includes a Lodge Cast Iron Griddle, a resting pan with lid, a Lavatools Temperature Probe, a Stack Timer, an IR Temperature Gun, and a Jar of First Light 100% Grass Fed Rendered Beef Fat!

  • Can I get 12 months of one or two cuts only?

    The Club was formed to celebrate the whole animal and also to empower our members with the tools to create incredible meals from less well-known cuts. If you’re looking to get the least number of cuts, the closest thing we have to that is the Steakhouse Plan which is just the Tenderloin, Ribeye and NY Strip steaks.

  • Can I cancel my membership anytime?

    Yes. We pride ourselves on producing the World’s greatest steaks. Up to date, not one single member has cancelled after receiving their first order, and 96% of members from the first three months we operated still receive monthly orders. We ask that you sign-on for a minimum three months simply because we are a farmer-to-consumer direct operation with a limited number of beef cattle being processed during any given month and it’s essential for us to accurately forecast the demand of our steak club. But if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Just contact customer support at [email protected] and we’ll take care of you. Please do let us know why your cancelling and if we could have done something better!

  • Can I switch from one plan to another?

    Yes absolutely can. You can switch at any time, just email us at [email protected] and we’ll arrange it for you.

  • Can I pause my membership?

    Yes absolutely. You can pause your membership for as long as needed.  Get in touch with us at [email protected], ideally 30 days in advance.

  • I move regularly between two different houses. Is it possible to switch my address?

    Yes, no problem. You can change your shipping address via the website or through the app just go to “My Account.”

  • Is the meat fresh or frozen?

    The meat is delivered fresh and has never been frozen.

  • Is it the same meat as the First Light Farms product I can find in my grocery store?

    When producing grass-fed meat we achieve a variation in marbling. We always supply our highest marbled meat to the club as our first priority. As a club member you will also have access to purchasing our unicorns which are our highest marble meat and as the name suggests are something that doesn’t come along all the time.


  • What is Wagyu?

    Wagyu is the name of the breed of beef that First Light farmers raise on lush grass pastures to produce the epic steaks for this Steak Club. We chose Wagyu as our breed because it is the Rolls Royce of beef, the food of Emperors and Samurai warriors. Grass-fed wagyu is sweet, nutty, juicy, tender and just downright delicious.

  • Is the meat actually 100% grass-fed and finished or are the cattle fed some grain?

    Our beef is 100% grass-fed, our cattle roam free on pasture 24/7 and are never fed anything else other than beautiful green grass.

  • What do the Marble Score (MBS) numbers mean?

    The MBS or Marble Score number represents the level of marbling in the steaks you receive. Our Steak Club members get the best from our range, being 5+.

  • I’ve never tried 100% grass-fed wagyu beef. Will I like it?

    Taste is not only subjective, but often acquired over time (think mushrooms, oysters, and bitter rapini). If you are used to eating heavily marbled, grain- or corn-finished beef, you are in for a new experience. The common feedback we hear is that the fat in our steaks is “clean” and “less greasy”. Most people love their first bite. Sometimes, it takes a few bites. Although beef should only be available as 100% Grass Fed because it is better for the beef and us, we do realize our beef is a unique experience for many. First Light beef is world class; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • What is the best way to cook the First Light Farms steaks?

    As a member, you will have exclusive access to videos and recipes showing you exactly how to cook the perfect steak! Every time!

    You can also check out our Wagyu Cooking Tips page!

  • Are First Light Farms steaks Halal?

    Yes, First Light Beef are Certified Halal by FIANZ.

  • Do First Light Farms steaks meet the criteria for the Ketogenic Diet, Paleo Diet or Whole 30 Diet?

    First Light’s beef and venison are raised on pastures, eat nothing but grass like nature intended, are Certified Humane, and consistently achieve astounding Omega 3:6 ratios. So, in short – YES, of course First Light’s meat fits into a Ketogenic, Paleo or Whole 30 Diet. Frankly, First Light’s meat fits into any healthy diet.

We’re here to provide answers to all your burning questions about the Steak Club. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch with us at [email protected]