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PKW Farms

PKW Farms

PKWs vision is that of a successfully diversified and sustainable Taranaki Maori owned and operated business providing meaningful opportunity to its people.

PKW farms is an inter-generational Maori farming business with 9450 shareholders. PKW was established in 1976 and is currently operating 14 Dairy and 11 Drystock properties, with over 10,000 animals. PKW Farms today actively controls and operates 3,883ha of land, which represents 20% of the West Coast Settlement Reserve lands, which totals 20,000ha. Over time, it is PKW’s intention to once again control more of these lands. 

PKW have decided to strengthen our Beef strategy and explore further avenues of diversification. The First Light story is one we are excited to be a part of, and the opportunity to send Taranaki grassfed beef around the world.

We at PKW feel the key principles of First Light fit with our own farming practices and shareholder values. Whilst maximizing profitability of the farming business is a key focus, this is done in line with our kaitiaki responsibilities (guardianship of land) and the guiding principles of He Tangata, He Whenua, He Oranga (Sustaining and Growing our people through Prosperity).

PKW are previous winners of the Ahuwhenua Trophy (Maori Excellence in Farming Award) 

We are proud be supplying grassfed beef, raised on our green pastures under Maunga (Mount) Taranaki. All animals are reared with care, with their welfare and PKW environmental sustainability as a focus.