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Lock Agri

Lock Agri

The Lock family own and manage Lock Agri Limited, located in Alford Forest, mid Canterbury.

When they’re not tending their 273ha property (which includes 63ha leased) you’ll likely find Dusty, Sam, Chris and their families at the Methven Rugby Club, where all three Locks are involved as committee members.

Otherwise, they’re kept busy with farming life – Dusty and Sam (pictured with wife Sarah and daughter Zoe) are responsible for the day-to-day running of the farm, and Chris works as a grain agent for PGG Wrightson.

Sam says First Light helped the Lock family diversify the beef finishing component of their business, which combines finishing dairy X and Wagyu and dairy support. “Grass-fed Wagyu is a great product in a niche market,” he says. And First Light’s values align with the Locks’ own. Key principals like animal welfare and environmental sustainability “are very important to us,” he continues. “By incorporating them into our business, we are ensuring the product we sell is quality.”

And Sam says he hopes consumers notice the First Light difference at retail and “take into consideration the quality of the product coming from a grass-fed animal.”