Why our dog food?

The Ultimate Instinctive Diet for your Dog

From the pristine environment of New Zealand comes this innovative diet for dogs. Produced from 100% grass-fed Wagyu Beef, First Light Farms Dog Food is the first of its kind, specifically designed to reflect the instinctive macronutrient diet of dogs.

Our dog food products come exclusively from our herd of 100% grass-fed and finished pasture-raised Wagyu cattle. Sourced directly from our farms, the Wagyu organs and collagen are freeze-dried to preserve the nutritional value. In fact, organ meats are the most nutritious foods on the planet, packed with essential micronutrients our bodies need, as well as your furry ones.

Our Wagyu dog food is:

  • High in protein and fat with no fillers or grains.
  • For all dog breeds and life stages.
  • Freeze-dried to retain maximum nutrient value.
  • Forumlated by Dr. Roberts, PhD in Dog Nutrition
  • Packed in a 1.5lb bag.

We never compromise on quality. All of our Wagyu Beef is always:

  • 100% grass-fed and finished
  • Non GMO project certified
  • Certified Humane
  • No Antibiotics or added Hormones ever
  • Raised on luscious, open pastures 24/7

Formulated with Dr. Mark Roberts, PhD

We created our dog food line with Dr. Mark Roberts, PhD in Dog Nutrition, who works as a canine evolutionary nutritionist. As descendants of wolves, dogs have moved from consuming a diet rich in fat and protein to one dominated by carbohydrate. This change in diet has not been made by dogs themselves, rather mankind’s ability to master and maximize agricultural productivity over time. Today, dog owners are bombarded with a seemingly never-ending number of claims of why to fed a certain diet. His goal is to use a scientific approach to examine diets and nutrition collectively, and make it less stressful in deciding what to feed the furry member of the family.

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