Our Dog Food

  • Why: First Light created dog food …  
  • Mission: We believe in caring for our dogs just as we care for ourselves and loved ones.  
  • Values:  
  • High quality 
  • Nutritionally dense  
  • Scientifically formulated (aka every ingredient thought out to work best with our pups)  
  • How: We partnered with Dr. Mark .., phd in dog nutrition, to formulate the best for our furry ones.  
  • Offerings 
  • Ingredients:  
  • Benefits:  

All Dog Products:

  • First Light Wagyu Dog Food: 1.5lb (6 packs)
  • First Light Wagyu Liver Treats: 110g
  • First Light Wagyu Super Booster: 9oz
  • First Light Wagyu Weasand Occupier: 120g
  • First Light Venison Femur Joint
  • First Light Venison Dog Food: 1.5lb (6 packs)
  • First Light Venison Super Booster: 9oz