Dog Food Calculator

To get started, all we need from you is your dog’s weight or goal weight. 

  • First Light Farms Freeze Dried Dog Food can be mixed to the current fed diet if desired. In this case, we recommend that you feed a meal consisting of ¼ of Firstlight Dog Food with ¾ of your current diet. Using Firstlight Dog Food as a mixer, you can either add warm water or feed dry. If fed dry, please ensure clean fresh drinking water is available. 
  • First Light Farms Dog Food provided all the nutrients that a dog needs, so no requirement to add anything. The meal can be fed dry, (with fresh drinking water available) however we recommend that you add enough warm water, to make a “watery soup” consistency. 
  • The feeding guide is based on an average dog and its energy needs. Please be aware that the amount of food outlined in the feeding guide can vary greatly either over or under these guidelines. The outlined cup size is 8oz/240ml.  
  • To transition you dog onto the diet, slowly increase the amount of Firstlight Dog Food over a ten-day period, while at the same time decreasing the current diet fed. 

[insert calculator based on spreadsheet Dr Roberts provided]