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Make summer meals a little bit flash with First Light’s new venison range

Make summer meals a little bit flash with First Light’s new venison range

How do you make First Light’s premium farm raised venison taste even better? Add a little Wagyu to it.

A new range of quality First Light venison products hits stores this week, and First Light co-founder Jason Ross says he thinks Kiwis will love the flavour, texture, and convenience of the burgers, sausages, chipolatas and meatballs that have been lovingly created by his team.

He says it’s the addition of a small amount of grass-fed Wagyu beef that is the secret sauce. “It lends juiciness to the range, and works really well with the venison and our herbs and spices to create something a little bit different, and a little bit flash.”

First Light is New Zealand’s premier meat producer and was the first on the planet to farm 100% grass-fed Wagyu beef, which was named “best beef in the world” by Forbes earlier this year. But it’s also known for its quality venison, which is raised across the country by a team of committed, passionate farmers.

“We handpick our farmers,” continues Jason, “and they need to meet strict criteria to join First Light, including demonstrating the highest possible commitment to animal welfare, and creating a low stress environment for their deer.”

Venison pairs beautifully with naturally deep and earthy ingredients such as mushrooms, plums, tamarillos, beetroot and berries. “Our venison burger patties are delicious with a slice of smoked cheese, fried onions and beetroot relish,” says Jason. “The meatballs are super versatile – great as a pass-around appetiser or in a wrap – and the sausies and chipolatas are a lively family favourite and a step up from your run-of-mill weeknight fare. They’re really tender and tasty, without any bland filler.”

Jason says consumers are increasingly calling for high-quality food, produced authentically and transparently – which is precisely the First Light ethos. “I’m a parent myself, so I know how important it is to choose carefully what you feed your kids, and make it as natural as possible, with minimal interference. Taste, too, is paramount and we think we’ve hit the jackpot here with the combination of farm raised venison and grass-fed Wagyu in our range.”

The First Light venison range is available at selected supermarkets, Moore Wilson and Farro Fresh. RRP $12.99