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Get to know our First Light Farmers below - what makes them tick, why they've chosen First Light and what they enjoy about working with our team.

Our First Light Wagyu, Venison, and Elk farmers come from all over New Zealand. We're proud to partner with such an incredible group of Kiwis who share the same values as we do. The result of all their hard work is the most extraordinarily tender, marbled grass-fed beef, and the most delicate and delicious farm-raised Venison. We pride ourselves on the quality of our animals and as a result, we bring the best Wagyu beef and Venison to your table.

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Interested in becoming a First Light Farmer?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our animals and the meat we produce - success is the smile we get when someone tries our products and discovers how tender, healthy and delicious it is. If you're interested in working with us and being a farmer at First Light Farms, then please apply below.
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