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Waituhi Farms

Waituhi Farms

Waituhi farms is a family run company that was set up in 2008, as a step to family succession.

Waituhi Farms leases the original 450ha home farm and also leases a 300ha breeding block 20 minutes away.

The company consists of four shareholders each with equal shareholdings, Eric and Yvonne Walker (Dad and Mum have been farming for fifty years), Kerry Bennett (daughter, the farm accountant), Carwyn Walker (son, the farm manager) and Brendon Walker (son, currently on his OE in Aussie but previously on farm and in the tractor contracting business).

First Light Farms appealed to us for a number of reasons, firstly a secure pricing structure for a percentage of our stock gave us some certainty going forward and as a new business that was invaluable.

Secondly was the chance to be involved in something a bit different, something that ran along the same values that we like to farm under. Animal welfare and the quality of the animals produced by us are important. Growing grass and feeding it to stock in the farming environment that we have in New Zealand is what we do naturally and these are the very things that First Light highlights to the worlds most sustainable and forward thinking markets.

Thirdly the chance to be involved in the greater supply chain i.e. paddock to plate rather than just supplying the raw product at the start of the supply chain.

It is rewarding for us to see our product out in the market place where the consumers can really appreciate its quality.