Our Wagyu farmers



We farm under the umbrella of Nukuhakari Station on the West Coast in the Southern King Country in the North Island (luckily we have 7 km of rugged coastline). 

We are a family business with three main Shareholders. Our business consists of 27,500 stock units that is farmed over two properties of 2, 350 totalling hectares of grass as well as 2,000 ha of Native Forest. The operation is both breeding and finishing, we have a ewe flock of 8,300 ewes and calve 870 cows as well as finishing brought in cattle.  A component of the farm are wagyu cattle that are born from Younger Cows in the herd and then these are finished on a grass diet.

Being on the West Coast of the North Island means that we generally have quite a mild  climate with a consistent rainfall although sometimes consistent could be substituted for what feels like constant through the winter months.  

We have farmed at Nukuhakari since 2003 in that time we have seen a lot of changes within the Industry and that is why we are excited to be involved with Firslight Foods and Wagyu Cattle because we believe that going forward there is some real value to be derived for the Consumer and Producer from Premium Products.

When not farming we love spending time with our three young boys either following them on the sports fields(they love hockey and  rugby) or enjoying the great outdoors be it on our farm or further afield.