Our venison farmers

Waihi Pukawa

Waihi Pukawa

2 Tier Trust with a holding Co and a Farming sub committee.

Trust Chairman Rakei  Taiaroa 

Farm Sub Committee Chairman- John Kahu

Farm Manager – Colin Gates

Maori Owned since 1200AD

Consists of 4000ha with 3000ha farmed with livestock. 13000 ewes plus replacements, 550 cows plus replacements, 2200 hinds plus replacements

Breed, finish and trade in all classes except deer. Deer breed and finish only.

Being part of a small group of like minded people striving to be continually better than the average in the production of a quality food product.

The ability to have some surety of pricing and supply make reporting to a trust committee a lot more accurate.

Provenance relates to the fact the land has been owned and farmed in one way or another for 800 years and is owned by a large number of people to be farmed sustainably for the benefit of future generations. To sustainably farm Waihi Pukawa in an environmental way means it has to be profitable as well without compromising animal welfare.

Regional winner Maori Farmer of the Year and National finalist Maori Farmer of the Year.

The owners and management of Waihi Pukawa farm the property because it is what we do well we aim tp produce a quality product from an area that leads New Zealand in environmental practises.