Jane and Jacquetta are a mother and daughter team who joined First Light when the company was first formed. Their property, Tarndale, in Colyton, Feilding, and the Pohangina Valley includes a deer breeding and finishing property along with sheep and beef. They were  attracted to First Light because of the consistency it offered to suppliers, the excitement the group has about what it’s doing and the direct-to-consumer marketing.
After Derrick Ward, Jane’s husband, passed away suddenly, their daughter Jacquetta, working in Sydney at the time, made the decision to come home and manage the farm on behalf of the estate (which includes her three sisters). As female farmers, Jane and Jacquetta believe the First Light principles are second nature — animal husbandry especially comes naturally. They see a brilliant future for venison and say they will continue to be part of it for a long time yet.  “We are encouraging more friends and family to eat this delicious and healthy meat,” says Jane.
At Tarndale they choose to serve venison as a steak marinated in a little oil, soya sauce and sweet chill and served with a boysenberry sauce.