Our venison farmers

J O Adams & Son

J O Adams & Son

J O Adams & Son Ltd farm land at Hihitahi, 12km south of Waiouru on S H 1, and at Blackburn Road, OngaOnga in the Central Hawkes Bay.

The Blackburn Road property is solely a cattle breeding property, running 150 Angus and Angus X Belgian Blue cows and finishing approximately 80 of their progeny each year.

The Hihitahi property, Para Farm, is mainly a venison operation but we also finish approximately 80 cattle a year and have a small stud sheep unit. We have been developing a breed of sheep, Nevershear, which will shed its wool and therefore requires no shearing, dagging, crutching etc. The breed is solely aimed at producing a meat product without the hassle of worthless wool.At Para we run 420 Red breeding hinds and will be finishing at least 500 R2 deer on a yearly basis.

Para Farm is situated on the Volcanic Plateau of the Central North Island. The house is situated at 750m above sea level and the farm rises to 950m. We are very close to and have great views of Mt Ruapehu and the Tongariro National Park. The winters can be long and cold and the summers a little too short and at times!

Provenance, Animal welfare and Sustainability  are very much part of our ethos.