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First Light char-grilled grass-fed wagyu rump steaks

Grass-fed wagyu steaks cut from the heart of the rump are tender, full of flavour and excellent when fast-cooked on the char-grill. Lightly season with salt, then brush with a little oil – followed by a very hot char-grill which will give a superb layer of additional flavour to the rump.

Cooking method

  1. Season steaks on both sides with salt.  Heat a bbq char-grill until very hot.
  2. Lightly brush with oil then place steaks on grill. Cook on one side only until caramelised and brown.
  3. Turn steaks over and caramelise, turn heat down.
  4. Remove from char-grill before desired cooking degree is reached. Allow meat to rest in a warm place for 3-4 minutes before serving with green beans.

Boil beans for 2-3 minutes in a large pot of salted water. Drain well then mix with roasted nuts and butter.  Season with salt to taste